Saturday, 5 January 2013

Skipper Seat Mod

The first thing you will notice in you new AI is the wet butt syndrome that you get when sitting in the stock seat. To remedy this is easy and consists of fitting a stock skippers chair to the AI. It's simple and easy to do and will give you the greatest amount of enjoyment from the new seating position.

3mm spectra rope poked through hole in chair then down to the stock eyelet and secured by cleats. one on each side, pull on them and the chair is locked in place.

 simple loop of rope goes through the chair and secures to 2 hooks. I have also added a shock cord loop that gives additional stability
 I have added a simple waterproof bag to the back of my seat that hooks on. It's waterproof if needed but really I just use it for water, sunscreen or anything else that I need to carry around with me.

The completed seat with additional side rod holders for fish grips or anything else you want handy to you. To make this mod perfect you should look at the seat well bung system i have made. It will drain the water out and stop it coming back in.